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History of changes

Release 0.8.1

December 31, 2011

New release introduces several improvements including:

  • Support of application modes
  • Support of component exchange among SOFA nodes
  • Modeling SOFA systems with help of UML
  • Improvements of SOFA IDE
  • Extensive bug fixes

Release 0.8.0

February 10, 2011

New release brings several major improvements including:

  • General refactoring and partitioning of the codebase, introduction of platform-specific profiles
  • SOFA HI profile for C programming language supporting real-time requirements
  • SOFA for Java ME profile enabling deployment of SOFA 2 applications on Java ME platform
  • Dynamic SOFA extension introducing dynamic language support into the Java SOFA profile and enabling rapid prototyping of SOFA applications (sing component aspects)
  • Extensive bug fixes
  • Several new examples including examples for each profile and extension

Release 0.7.0

November 26, 2009

The release includes major improvements covering all parts of SOFA 2 component system. More detailed description of changes can be found in the presentation and in Section Documentation.

SOFA 2 core:

  • Entity deletion and cloning/merging support
  • Repository locking support
  • Microarchitecture and aspect support
  • Autoconfiguration support
  • Improved runtime component support (properties, self-shutting, etc.)
  • General refactoring and bug fixing
  • Documentation improved - see Section Documentation
  • Completely refactored and made more user-friendly
  • Based entirely on top of new SOFA 2 Tools API
  • Full support of versions tags
  • Support for microarchitecture and aspects added
  • Complete SOFA 2 development process support inside Eclipse IDE
  • Extension points and API for building new Eclipse plugins with access to SOFA 2 infrastructure
  • Entity versioning and repository access through SOFA 2 Team Provider implementation
  • Support for runtime environment management and application launching
  • Support for the autoconfigured environment
  • SOFA 2 launch configuration implementation
  • Runtime environment visualisation

Release 0.6.1

March 31, 2009

New features and updates:

  • user-defined tags support
  • cushion API refactored
  • minor bug fixes
Tags support allows users to mark repository elements with user-defined tags. The tags can be further used in SOFA tools (cushion, SOFA IDE, MConsole) for referencing repository elements instead of specifying an exact version. For more information see documentation.

Release 0.6.0

February 28, 2009

New features and updates:

  • annotation support
  • SOFA2 runtime refactored
  • dynamic update support
  • cushion API refactored
New examples:
  • OSGi support example

Release 0.5.0

October 27, 2008

New features:

  • OSGi integration
  • Standalone code bundles support
  • Messaging & streaming communication styles support
New examples:
  • Messaging & streaming style support examples
Several bugfixes of:
  • Connector generator
  • Build system
  • Behavior protocols definition
  • Classloading
  • Logging

Release 0.4.1

March 20, 2008

Fix of a critical bug in the life cycle microcomponent.

Release 0.4.0

March 12, 2008

Added capabilities of deployment docks.
Enhanced version of the behavior protocol checkers included.
SOFA 2 management console updated.
Several bugfixes.

Release 0.3.0

December 17, 2007

Behavior protocol checkers included (see documentation).
SOFA 2 management console added (see documentation).
Several bugfixes.

Release 0.2.2

September 12, 2007

Several bugfixes. New example included.

Release 0.2.1

August 9, 2007

Several bugfixes.

Release 0.2

June 1, 2007

First public release of SOFA 2 and Cushion.