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SOFA 2 Documentation


SOFA 2 is a component system with a a hierarchical component model. It offers advanced features such as

  • dynamic architectures,
  • support for multiple communication styles,
  • composition and behavior verification,
  • component aspects,
  • clearly separated business and control parts of components with the possibility of easy extension (using the aspects),
  • support for component evolution and versioning,
  • ...
For more information about the component model please see the papers.

Cushion is the command-line tool for developing SOFA 2 componets.


SOFA 2 component system is described in the following guides:

Users guide PDF-icon

It provides descriptions of SOFA 2 concepts from the users point of view. It describes runtime concepts, development methodology as well as tool support including Cushion, SOFA IDE and MConsole.

Programmers guide PDF-icon

This documentation provides detailed information about implementation of runtime infrastructure and tools. It is the starting point for the SOFA 2 developers who want to extend SOFA 2.

Other documentation and howtos