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SOFA 2 Management Console


SOFA 2 Management Console is a GUI tool for managing SOFA 2 runtime environment. It allows starting, stopping and monitoring applications, browsing content of the SOFA repository and also monitoring running deployment docks.

Installation/Start of Management Console

SOFA 2 Management console is based on the Eclipse RCP platform. It is distributed as a zip file, which contains binaries required for application run on selected platform (UNIX based, WIN32). The application can be launched by executing binary mconsole. When the management console is started for the first time, introduction screen is shown:

SOFA 2 Management Console Introduction Page

GUI overview

The application provides three views - SOFA 2 Repository View, SOFA 2 Runtime View and Console View:

  • SOFA 2 Repository View shows a tree including deployment plans stored in the SOFA repository, a list of running applications and a list of accessible deployments docks.
  • SOFA 2 Runtime View shows running deployment docks with deployed applications in according to a selected item in SOFA 2 Repository View.
  • All important messages are shown in the Console View.
SOFA 2 Management Console

Starting/Stopping applications

The management console allows launching application using a selected deployment plan. In the SOFA 2 Repository View, a list of deployment plans stored in SOFA repository is located under the node repository. By selecting a deployment plan a simple figure of deployment docks referenced by the plan and connections among the nodes is shown in the SOFA 2 Runtime View. The selected deployment plan can be launched by click on the icon in the action bar of Repository View.

Launched applications of given deployment plan are shown as sub-nodes of the plan. Clicking on the application shows in SOFA 2 Runtime View a structure of the application - docks, where application is running (they are marked by the icon of a computer with a spot), and connections among them representing connection among components.

SOFA 2 Management Console